“There is so much more to islands and their people than a peripheral glance or minor conversation. There are truly dynamic and fascinating tales to be told.”

In Island Journeys, Carlisle Richardson dives into the complexities, communities, and unseen beauties of small island developing states (SIDS). He helps to guide you through some of his experiences while visiting or living on islands across the globe. Though the locales range from his home region in the Caribbean to islands in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, the sense of community is consistent throughout.  

Islanders usually function as a large family, welcoming those who visit with openness and hospitality. Now, Carlisle invites you to join in his experience with the same openness. His travels have not only heightened his love of his own island heritage but given him a deep appreciation for the diversity, along with the similarities, of islands around the world.

Carlisle has represented the islanders of the world and their concerns in the United Nations. His travels to get to know each of the different islands’ cultures and environments have resulted in breathtaking experiences and thought-provoking insights. These communities, while scattered around the world and small in population, have a huge impact as a whole on a global scale. Island Journeys provides an invaluable and fascinating look into small island developing states in every corner of the ocean, through the eyes of an expert native.